PDAM Tirta Kepri

  • wop asia

    PDAM Tirta Raharja was invited by PERPAMSI to participate in the evaluation meeting for the WOP program that took place in July 2012 in Batam. The purpose of this meeting was to evaluate the WOPs developed during the first WOP program of the association, as well as to showcase some of the good results to prospective PDAMs. For that reason, prospective mentor utilities were invited to Batam to present their company profile highlighting their set of best practices.. Prospective recipient PDAMs were also invited to participate if they were interested in participating in such a program. At that point Tirta Raharja and Tirta Kepri had never collaborated officially together. The Director of Tirta Kepri already knew that Tirta Rahaja was well known in Indonesia for their advanced IT systems. From the company profile presentation Tirta Kepri became interested in the NRW reduction practices that Tirta Raharja had developed. At the end of this meeting Tirta Kepri send a request to PEPAMSI to partner with the utility of Tirta Raharja. The director of Tanjung Pinang mentions that he had been working together in the past with West Javanese people and he had enjoyed the cooperation, as they are known for being honest people.  Tirta Raharja was neither familiar with the operations of Tirta Kepri, nor its management, but decided to accept the match proposed by PERPAMSI.