• National WOPs between operators in Indonisia.2015 indonesia factsheet

  • emasesaThe main aim of the WOP was to improve the non-revenue water levels and the billing accuracy. A parallel outcome of this collaboration, was the increased motivation of staff and workers and the high satisfaction of both operators from the collaboration.

  • imgbatch1 115Case study of Water Operators' Partnership (WOP) between City West Water (Melbourne, Australia) and Metropolitan Cebu Water District (Cebu, Philippines) facilitated by the Asian Development Bank to reduce non-revenue water and improving operational performance through capacity building, exchange visits, training and demonstration.

  • imgbatch1 105Case study of Water Operators' Partnership (WOP) between Indah Water Konsortium (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and PDAM Tirtanadi (Medan, Indonesia) facilitated by USAID through ECO-Asia - Waterlinks to increase the number of households connecting to Medan's city sewerage system by promoting sanitation using USAID 10‑Step Promotion Program Toolkit and staff training.

  • BEWOP narrative 3The present report analyses the Water Operators’ Partnership between the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF), headquartered in Suva, Fiji, and Hunter Water Australia (HWA), located in Newcastle, Australia (see Map). WAF is the mentee partner, while HWA is the mentor utility. The partnership aims to build hands-on knowledge and share working methods to rapidly improve water service performance.

  • wop asia

    The WOP aim is to provide the recipient MCWD with better approach, methodologies and practices; improving

  • wop asia

    The aim of this WOP is to facilitate operator knowledge transfer from MidCoast Water to Samoa Water

  • wop asiaCognizant of the impacts of climate change to the operations of water service providers in the Philippines, the Philippine Association of Water District (PAWD) through the Community of Practice on Climate Change (PAWD CoP-CC) has expressed the need for its members to be climate resilient. The result was a twinning partnership between the Palm Beach County Water Utilities (PBCWU) through the Florida Water and Climate Alliance (FWCA) and PWAD-CoP CC. The twinning partnership is being facilitated by WaterLinks, an organization that promotes Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) between water and wastewater service providers across Asia to improve their operational efficiency. The objective of this twinning partnership is to strengthen the capacities of PAWD’s CoP-CC Core group members through improved business planning process and enhanced operational systems in the context of present climate variability, extreme weather events ad uncertain climate futures. PAWD’s CoP-CC Core group members are: Leyte Metro Water District, Cagayan de Oro City Water District, Metro Iloilo Water District, Isabela City Water District and Metro Cotabato Water District.

  • wop asiaThe WOP focuses on improving water distribution system management (including services expansion) and helps to strengthen the capacity of PDAM Kota Denpasar to manage NRW and pressure, to enable continuous water supply and to recognize practical innovations and technologies employed by Ranhill Utilities. The WOP also explores opportunities to expand and distribute water supply to Denpasar’s marginalized communities. 


  • wop asia

    This WOP aim to improve the management of wastewater treatment and non-revenue water.