Ivory Coast

  • wop africaThis WOP occurs on the frame work of WOP Africa strategies and actions for 2012-2013  

  • wop africaOn the sidelines of the last Congress of the EAA, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the CDE and SODECI

  • wop africaThe WOP between the Commune de Dschang (Cameroon) and the Commune de Tiassalé (Ivory Coast) was initiated in March 2014. Its main objective is to share knowledge about solid wastes management. The focus of this partnership is to improve sanitation in Tiassale through collaborating with Dschang in solid waste management. This problem of solid waste management is particularly significant in areas that are not served by the solid waste collectors. This leads the solid waste to clog the drainage system and cause sewer overflows and flooding. In this context therefore, management of solid waste is also very important if water sources are to be protected since solid waste can also pollute water sources.