Information systems

  • wop latamFrom conference sessions in telemetry systems and pumping stations held in Argentina in August of 2014, there were promoted institutional strengthening programmes to water operators to improve their infrastructure management. In that sessions, the Cooperativa Ltda. de Consumo de Electricidad y Servicios Anexos de Olavarría (Coopelectric) stablished communication through COFES, the WOP platform in Argentina, its interest in developing a WOP partnership with Obras Sanitarias Mar del Plata SE (OSSE), with the wish of gaining more knowledge in the issue.

  • The governance of the partnership was more informal and less structured, allowing the partnership to develop slowly. As organisational and individual capacity grew within OWMCP (as a result of the cooperation), and the organisation became more structured, so did the partnership. With the help of the partners, OWMCP developed a new organisational structure with clearer task division that relieved managers of operational functions by delegating more tasks.

    Phase 2 of the partnership involved more structured governance and strengthened cooperation in line with requirements of the EU regarding governance and reporting.

    wop latam