• wop latam

    The project consists in taking water from the Ulua River to a plan and then distributing it to the rest of the municipalities.

  • wop latamThe lack of experience and knowledge of Asociación Hondureña de Prestadores del Servicio de Agua Potable y Saneamiento (AHPSAS), in economic, financial and operational fields, and given the long experience of its partner Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Agua y Saneamiento de México (ANEAS) with willingness to cooperate, led them to organize, with the support of WOP-LAC, a partnership to meet and extrapolate ANEAS way of functioning to its Honduran partner. Hence, the capacity development, improving the management and strengthen knowledge of companies providing water service in Honduras, considering efficiency and accuracy goals, are the main goals.

  • wop europe

    The  aim of the WOP is to improve the management and sustainable use of natural resources, promote economic diversification