Catchment management

  • imgbatch5 64Presentation on case study utilities' good practices: Municipality of Walvis Bay, Namibia. The document shares information on the background the Namibia Water Corporation Limited (NamWater) and the low rate of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and good coverage, yet disruptions of service delivery due to water flood events. The utility explains how they achieved good performance and how they prevented future damages of future floods.

  • wop latamIn 2013, Compañía Salteña de Agua y Saneamiento S.A. (Aguas del Norte) expressed its interest in collaborate through WOP partnership with Aguas Santafesinas S.A. (ASSA), with the main goal of stablishing a strong link to share knowledge, in which both are mentors and mentees, to improve the management and water operation. Both companies are active participants in WOP-LAC.

  • wop latamThe WOP comes from the invitation that Aguas Santafesinas S.A. received to participate in a Regional Workshop for capacity building about water safety plans held in November of 2012 in Quito (Ecuador), financed by UN-Habitat/GWOPA, with the collaboration of IWA and Cap-Net.

    Thereafter, Aguas Santafesinas (ASSA) with the support of AEOPAS, the Spanish Association of Public Water Utilities and WOP-LAC, was put in contact with the Spanish utility Aigües del Prat S.A. that operates a reverse osmosis plant, recognized by its excellent management, similar to the ASSA one.

    The WOP contributed to develop the ASSA own water safety plan, and specifically for the town of Firmat in Argentina, that in summertime suffers from the lack of water to supply the population. The potabilisation of the aquifer of the area is the main issue.

  • wop latamThe lack of experience and knowledge of Asociación Hondureña de Prestadores del Servicio de Agua Potable y Saneamiento (AHPSAS), in economic, financial and operational fields, and given the long experience of its partner Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Agua y Saneamiento de México (ANEAS) with willingness to cooperate, led them to organize, with the support of WOP-LAC, a partnership to meet and extrapolate ANEAS way of functioning to its Honduran partner. Hence, the capacity development, improving the management and strengthen knowledge of companies providing water service in Honduras, considering efficiency and accuracy goals, are the main goals.

  • wop latamWOP-LAC, the regional GWOPA platform for Latin America and the Caribbean, organized in March of 2014 a workshop in Montevideo (Uruguay) to foster strategies to strengthen the capacity and management of wáter companies in the region. From there, SEDAPAL y EPS GRAU S.A., expressed their interest in being able to pursue a partnership and knowledge exchange between them.

  • wop latamFrom conference sessions in telemetry systems and pumping stations held in Argentina in August of 2014, there were promoted institutional strengthening programmes to water operators to improve their infrastructure management. In that sessions, the Cooperativa Ltda. de Consumo de Electricidad y Servicios Anexos de Olavarría (Coopelectric) stablished communication through COFES, the WOP platform in Argentina, its interest in developing a WOP partnership with Obras Sanitarias Mar del Plata SE (OSSE), with the wish of gaining more knowledge in the issue.

  • wop latamThe agreement signed in 2010 between the operators OSE from Uruguay and SEDACUSCO from Perú are related with the sanitation services, wastewater treatment and potabilization. They engage in maintaining a cooperation system that allow them to coordinate efforts to benefit both of them, improving organization according to potentialities and experiences.

    The goal is to assimilate the rich background that OSE possess, as well as its vision and commitment to protect and supply water as a common good. The experience path in management and technical abilities on supply made the operator an example of water operation, where in Uruguay has reached the 99,5% of clean water population coverage.