In Mexico, the National Platform is hosted by ANEAS (National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities)aneas 2015

History of ANEAS
First founded as EAS (Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico) in 3 April, 1992, ANEAS was an outcome of the first meeting of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Utilities. It was renamed as ANEAS (National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities) in February 1998. ANOAPA (National Association of Drinking Water and Sanitation Utilities) established EAS (Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico) to promote changes in the national WOPs management, encouraging their transformation from governmental entities to actual utilities and private firms.

ANEAS is an association that gathers together the water utilities and public organisations in the main cities of Mexico, public and private firms, all contributing and sharing knowledge and experiences to accomplish both collective and individual objectives. Currently, ANEAS comprises more than 2,000 water utilities and provides water and sanitation service to 80 million inhabitants in Mexico. Firms from the private sector and organisations, with an active participation in the water sector, contribute and share their knowledge and experience towards achieving individual and collective objectives.

WOP Mexico

During the First Congress of the International Water Development Association (IWA) held in Mexico City, 15-19 November 2009, the WOP-LAC Steering Committee of the Water Operators Partnerships (WOP’s) coordinated by the UN- Habitat and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), ANEAS was designated as the WOP'S- Mexico platform to foster capacities development among utilities and state commissions. With this appointment ANEAS became member of the International Steering Committee in representation of Latin America and the Caribbean. The programme's primary objective is to improve efficiency in the management and operation among utilities via promoting and implementing non-profit cooperation between utilities in the water and sanitation sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.