To raise awareness of the importance of utilities at this time, GWOPA and UN-Habitat have launched the #UtilitiesFightCOVID initiative. As part of the initiative, professionals from water and sanitation are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas for tackling COVID-19.


Especially in these uncertain times, water utilities are turning to their peers for information, inspiration and support. GWOPA and its partners are committed to promoting and enabling not-for-profit knowledge exchange and partnership. This is why we are convening a series of webinars around COVID-19 pandemic responses and challenges faced by water and sanitation operators. Check out all the upcoming webinars!

Read how water utilities around the globe are responding to COVID-19

8,000 Students With Access to Hand Wash Stations in Morogoro, Tanzania

In an outstanding effort to protect people from the COVID-19 virus, Morogoro Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA), in partnership with World Waternet, and as part of the WaterWorx project, installs hand wash stations in 8 schools, helping thousands of people get the necessary hygienic conditions to protect their health.


Water Utilities Fight COVID Interview Series: eThekwini Municipality, South Africa

As part of an interview series to gather information and raise awareness of how water utilities are addressing the crisis, GWOPA/UN-Habitat has spoken with Ednick Msweli, Head of the Water and Sanitation Unit at eThekwini Municipality, South Africa, a country with 19% daily increase, according to Msweli.


WOP-LAC Operators Take Action Against COVID-19

A report of the measures taken by the 15 operators from 8 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico and Uruguay) which have responded to the campaign launched by the Secretariat of WOP-LAC aims to enable the sharing of experiences and different approaches to the crisis.


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Partner Operators from The Netherlands and Mali Fight Against Coronavirus

Measures to prevent Coronavirus in cities, informal settlements or slums are being taken. Water utilities around the world are working hard and supporting their peers in an act of global solidarity. This is the case of the WaterWorX project between Waternet and Société Malienne de Gestion de l’eau Potable (SOMAGEP). The first, from The Netherlands; the latter, from Mali.


Publication: How European Public Water Utilities Face the COVID Emergency

GWOPA/UN-Habitat collaborates in the report Managing the Unexpected – European Public Water Utilities Facing the Coronavirus Emergency developed by Aqua Publica Europea (APE) that addresses the responses and the lessons learnt from European public water utilities in their fight against COVID-19.


EYDAP, Greece, Halts Disconnections and Provides Extra Leave Days to Vulnerable Employees

EYDAP provides its employees who are parents with extra leave days as the schools in Greece are currently closed until further notice. Moreover, the utility provides extra leave days to its vulnerable staff members, to support and safeguard them from health and safety risks.

GWOPA Key Messages for COVID-19




UN-Habitat and UNICEF Key Messages to support the WASH sector in responding to the COVID-19 crisis in informal settlements.






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