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Congress sessions will take stock of current water and sanitation operators’ issues, showcase good approaches, and offer recommendations for how operators can tackle challenges through peer-to-peer partnerships.

Each theme will be addressed through a combination of roundtables, dialogues, and sessions based on offer and demand received through the call.

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Health, Safety and Dignity of Sanitation Workers

#OperatorsStage · #AdvancingSanitation

Thursday 28 October — 13.00-14.00 (CEST)

Languages: English

Sanitation workers suffer from social stigma and discrimination in the society and weak legal protection and occupational hazards at work. In order to accelerate the achievement of SDG 6.2, sanitation workers play a very important role on ground and yet, there is very little research on their working conditions and well-being. This session will talk about efforts to bring sanitation operators to the fore front by different organisations and efforts of local governments to protect the dignity of workers. World Bank and Water Aid would present the initial study on sanitation workers followed by presentations from Advocacy in India and the operator Skill Challenges event.