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Congress sessions will take stock of current water and sanitation operators’ issues, showcase good approaches, and offer recommendations for how operators can tackle challenges through peer-to-peer partnerships.

Each theme will be addressed through a combination of roundtables, dialogues, and sessions based on offer and demand received through the call.

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The P is Key! Focusing on Partnership quality for successful WOPs


Friday 22 October — 10.00-12.00 (CEST)

Languages: English, French, Spanish

The added value of WOPs can only materialize if partners develop a good quality relationship, which requires capacity to manage not only the project but particularly the partnership. The relational element in WOPs is thought to be what confers these types of projects the long-term view and commitment as well as the flexibility to respond to local emerging needs. The session will first introduce the topic of partnership quality after which a WOP case will be presented with a special emphasis on the partnership relational aspects. This will be followed by a roundtable where several WOP project managers will be asked relevant questions to reflect on their own experiences in nurturing and managing the partnership.