Latin America and Caribbean


With the support of the Inter-American Development Bank(IADB),UN-HABITAT,UN-DESA, and AIDIS Inter-americana, and with the participation of representatives from leading water operators in the region, a Platform to support WOPs in the Latin America and Caribbean region was established in 2008.

The platform developed progressively out of a consultative process with operators, regulators, associations and support agencies. Following a meeing in Recife, Brazil, in June 2007, at which operators and regulators from 20 countries in the region expressed their support for the launching of a WOP initiative, a Steering Committee was established and Stratetic Action Plan developed and adopted.


The WOP-LAC Work Plan has 3 working windows:

Window I: Twinning exchanges among operators.

Window II: Promotion of good practices through capacity building and promotion of participation of national and regional associations.

Window III: Administration, management and promotion. Fund raising.

Nine twinning partnership agreements between LAC operators were signed in 2009. These covered a range of areas including energy efficiency, water loss reduction, e-procurement, asset management, commercial management, operation and maintenance, customer-oriented service, and water demand management. 2010 has also been a year of significant achievement for WOP-LAC. Highlights include:

  • Development of `benchmarking' system through information received from operators (self-assessment survey in 2009).
  • ‘Matchmaking’ workshops for medium and small operators in Central and South America
  • Integration of `Water Safety Plans’ in the `Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)' developed by the participating operators.
  • Five workshops were held on: i) water loss reduction, ii) energy efficiency, iii) commercial management, iv) water consumption/water culture, v) Corporate Governance, vi) strategies of extension of water and sanitation services to the poor and vulnerable sectors in urban and peri-urban areas of LAC (convened and funded by IDB, GWOPA and EPM (Colombia) in Medellin, October 2010).
  • Adoption of `Monitoring and Evaluation Policy and Tools ' in the framework of the WOP-LAC.




To address the specific needs of the small island and coastal states of the Caribbean, a sub-regional Caribbean platform, Cari-WOP, was initiated, under the WOP-LAC umbrella.



The platform is led jointly by the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association and the Caribbean Basin Water Management Programme CBWMP, Cari-WOP has initiated several twinning initiatives and a regional benchmarking exercise.

In 2010, several WOPs workshops were organized in the Caribbean:
  • A Non-Revenue Water Training Workshop, co-funded by IDB and UN-HABITAT, was organized and hosted by BWSL in Belize, in May 2010).
  • Two workshops on benchmarking and on the European Water Facility call for proposals were carried out in the CWWA Congress early in October 2010.
  • Other workshops were convened and funded by IDB (energy efficiency, commercial management, corporate governance).
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