During the UNSGAB meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2009, South East European water ministers expressed their support for WOPs and the establishment of a regional platform to enable them. Demand for WOPs has since been echoed at regional meetings of water utilities and their associations. A WOP-SEE platform was, in response, established as a network of partners working to facilitate WOPs in the region. Its overall goal is to provide better and equitable water and sanitation services to all in the region.

WOP-SEE brochure, June 2012

 The Platform is supporting WOPs amongst South East European utilities by:

  • encouraging performance measurement and transparency, stimulate healthy competition and facilitate WOPs by helping operators identify appropriate partners
  • assisting operators in brokering, planning, financing, implementing and monitoring WOPs
  • developing and availing information, tools, and guidelines to those wishing to engage in WOPs
  • supporting utility-led training activities to develop the skills of water operators by helping them share their know-how and anchor it within other utilities
  • sharing experience range of communication activities including websites, newsletters, and conference participation
  • connecting WOPs practitioners in SEE with the global WOPs community mobilizing resources for the implementation of WOPs in the region

The activities at the WOP-SEE platform are planned, coordinated and monitored by a Secretariat and supervised and guided by a Steering Committee, comprising national associations, water and wastewater operators and other stakeholders. A 3-year business plan and resource mobilization strategy for the platform is currently in preparation.

WOP-SEE Newsletter I

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