Electronic brokering, sharing and networking


Utility professionals all over the world are busy doing similar work and struggling with common problems. There is a huge amount of expertise embodied in utility practice and in the collective knowledge of utility professionals that stands to be shared for the benefit of others. GWOPA’s efforts to support peer learning involves making it simple for utility professionals to pool their expertise and share ideas with one another. GWOPA’s website is therefore supporting networking and resource sharing between utilities on issues of common concern.



Sharing information helps all utilities learn from the experience of others increasing the quality and impact of their work. As such, GWOPA is collecting open-source documents published by different organizations and covering different technical areas that interest water operators and support institutions. The Resource Library is an open source tool-kit where one can find and submit documented good practices, case studies, manuals and training materials.


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The Pipeline

The Pipeline is a social networking utility that connects water operator professionals. Create discussion, participate in events, join groups, expand your network, and share resources.


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GRUBS stands for Geo Referenced Utility Benchmarking System. GRUBS is currently being redesigned to further integrate with the new Pipeline including its Operator Profiles and benchmarking data. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive early announcements including news on GRUBS.


WOP Profiles

GWOPA is building a database of WOPs activities to better understand the scope and nature of the practice globally. Our WOPs profiles feature cases of not-for-profit twinning between water or waste-water utilities, as shared by WOPs implementers around the world. Learn more about WOPs that have taken place, or share your WOP with us.


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Operator Profiles

GWOPA’s Operator Profiles feature water and sanitation service providers from around the world who may be interested in taking part in peer support. The database helps utilities find potential partners with whom to engage in twinning or online sharing.
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