Advocacy, Communications, and Alliance Building

WOPs are rarely the initiative of individuals, but the result of buy-in and active support from different groups of actors – utilities and their entire workforce, governments, and financial institutions. GWOPA reaches different audiences to build the support essential for WOPs success through a wide range of communication activities including websites, newsletters, and conference participation.


Participation in Major Fora

We attend a wide range of global and regional water conferences and events to promote our activities and to create and strengthen partners.



Global WOPs Events

GWOPA organized its first Global WOPs Congress in March 2011 which attracted more than 150 participants from water utilities/operators, civil society organizations, labour unions, donor agencies, private companies and research institutes/academics. This Congress takes place every two years and the objective is to promote WOPs by sharing good practices and lessons learnt from WOPs activities all over the world.

Report of 1st Bi-Annual Congress


GWOPA was the brainchild of the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB), an independent body established in March 2004 to provide advices to the United Nations Secretary-General and to catalyze action on water and sanitation issues. The board is chaired by His Royal Highness the Prince of the Netherlands and composed of a wide range of dignitaries, technical experts, and recognized experts from diverse sectors.

UNSGAB is an observer on GWOPA’s Steering Committee and continues to offer GWOPA a powerful forum through which it can garner broad, high-level support for its activities.
In a 2010 evaluation of UNSGAB's Hashimoto Action Plan implementation, GWOPA was recognized as one of the plan's greatest successes.

Alliance Building

GWOPA continues to develop and reinforce its  network of partners supporting the practice of WOPs. Alliance partners include water operators and associations covering both public and private sectors, water and sanitation regulators, development partners and financial institutions, labour unions and civil society organizations. Partners contribute to the alliance with their networks, experience and resources.




GWOPA's website is a hub for information on WOPs activities, hosting latest news and events, but also connecting WOPs implementers around the world. All partners are welcome and encouraged to share their news, events and information concerning partnerships.



The GWOPA monthlynNewsletter has more than 2500 subscribers. The e-Newsletter gives information on WOPs activities around the world and builds bridges with our partners.

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