A news from P-WOPs: 1st Annual Review Meeting

Pakistan Water Operators Partnership (P-WOPs) organized its first annual review meeting of its Steering Committee (SC), Gujranwala, on Feb 07, 2013. The meeting was hosted by the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Gujranwala. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Shahid Sohail, the Convener, P-WOPs SC and was attended by the members and participants from all the large urban water & sanitation utilities of Pakistan. The purpose of the meeting was to review the overall progress in accordance with its approved work plan and to chalk out the way forward. At the outset, the Managing Director, WASA Gujranwala (WASA-G) welcomed all the participants. The Convener P-WOPs, then, thanked the members for taking their valued time out to attend the SC meeting.

A short presentation on the certain initiatives regarding performance and revenue improvement, wastewater disposal stations and cost saving taken by WASA Gujranwala was given its Managing Director. The National Coordinator updated about the implementation of the decisions of previous SC meeting, status of online data PBM data entry by the utilities and presented the overall progress of the P-WOPs in the light of work plan. Regarding data entry, the Committee decided that all utilities will ensure the data entry of 4th quarter of 2012 by end of Feb 2013.

The SC also constituted a five members’ Sub-Committee to finalize Memorandums and Article of Association of P-WOPs prepared by Urban Sector Policy and Management Unit (USPMU) for its registration and decided complete its findings by 21st Feb 2013 for approval. The Committee also acknowledged and appreciated USPMU technical input for drafting the document. National Coordinator briefed the participants about the activities so far done and the activities which could not be managed due to lack of funding or delayed with reasons and highlighted the future activities requiring decisions from the SC. He also reported about the research related initiatives taken by P-WOPs Secretariat with technical support of USPMU.

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