Steering Committee


The Global WOPs Alliance activities are implemented under the overall strategic direction of an International Steering Committee (SC) comprised of water operators, operator associations, and WOP platforms from regions around the world, in addition to private sector water operators, non-governmental and civil society organizations, labor union representatives, as well as substantive and financial partners of the Alliance.

The Steering Committee provides the overall strategic direction for the Global WOPs Alliance. The Steering Committee is considered as an advisory body to the Executive Director of UN-Habitat. The Steering Committee reaches its recommendations by consensus whenever possible, and where not, the Steering Committee recommendations shall be voted by simple majority of voting members. Steering Committee members are expected to support and promote the Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance and its guiding principles within their own institutions and networks. The SC meets in person annually on the back of other major international water events. In interim periods, SC members may be asked to provide feedback via email on specific actions to be taken by the Secretariat.

The third international steering committee was formed in November 2013 and there are thirty one members.



Steering Committee Members with His Royal Highness Willem-Alexander Chair of UNSGAB

and UN-Habitat Executive Director, Dr. Joan Clos, Cape Town in March 2011


 IMG 1406

New members of the Steering Committee 2013-2015, Barcelona in November 2013

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