GWOPA is funded by donors through the window of the UN-HABITAT Water and Sanitation Trust Fund.

GWOPA's operational budget has been subject to annual fluctuations in donor contributions, rising from 1.1 million in 2009 to 2.35 million USD in 2010. In 2011, it fell back to 1.1 million USD. In these three years, the Government of Spain, the Abu Dhabi Water and Energy Authority and the Government of Norway have been the main donors to GWOPA through UN-Habitat's trust fund.

In 2009, approximately half of GWOPA's budget went towards supporting regional activities, with the rest allocated for communication and advocacy, capacity building and knowledge management. With an increased budget in 2010, GWOPA was able to allocate a full 70% of its budget to supporting the regional platform activities and institutional development. However as the regional platforms progressively gain financial independence, in 2011 GWOPA has been reducing its direct support to regional operational activities and refocusing on its global normative work, such as knowledge management and advocacy.

GWOPA is seeking to broaden its base of donors and develop longer funding horizons. In 2011, it is opening a call for Expressions of Interest to host and partially finance the secretariat.

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