Guiding principles


Complying with the Hashimoto Action Plan text and spirit, GWOPA shall be guided by the following Guiding Principles:

A. Inclusiveness: GWOPA shall be as inclusive as possible and reach out to all stakeholders in the water supply and sanitation sector including public and private water operators, non‐governmental organizations and representatives of civil society, academia, and private sector players at the global, regional, and national levels.

B. Non‐profit based partnerships: Partnerships established between water operators under the WOPs umbrella should be built on a not‐for‐profit basis. Therefore, funding of partnerships –mainly done in the format of "twinning" of utilities – should recover direct costs only without any profit of any sorts for any participating party. This principle should be followed whenever funding is secured through GWOPA.

C. Mutuality of benefit: Mutuality of benefit should always be promoted whenever possible in implementing "twinning" and other activities of exchange of experience and expertise among utilities. Such mutuality shall be used as an incentive, whenever possible, for utility cooperation on non‐profit basis.

D. Transparency: The Global WOPs Alliance shall promote transparency in the water and sanitation sector on the global, regional, and national levels.

E. Learning from the Past and Others: The Global WOPs Alliance seeks to draw lessons and learn from past experiences to promote best practices for utility partnerships and capacity building.

F. Supporting WOPs Processes Worldwide: The Global WOPs Alliance shall not seek to recreate, but to reinforce, efforts worldwide to strengthen mutual exchange between water operators.  In this sense, the Global WOPs Alliance supports all regional and global initiatives that champion WOPs activities and principles.

G. Fostering Sustainable Change: The Global WOPs Alliance shall support efforts to build lasting positive change within water utilities using mechanisms that are increasingly independent of external financial support.

H. Building a Culture of Solidarity: The Global WOPs Alliance shall embrace and promote a spirit of solidarity and mutual support between water operators and all other water sector actors working towards the goals of the Alliance.

Parties involved in WOPs activities, in partnership with GWOPA, are requested to sign and observe the Code of Conduct based on our guiding principles.

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